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"A comparison, of course, is... Hoosiers, a simple story of an underdog giant killer in Indiana." "There are parallels: a small school, a hard-nosed coach and a town caught up in basketball fever." "But Puxico was the giant then, regularly obliterating opponents by running up 100 points." "The press loved it. Puxico's kids respected their elders, didn't hot-dog on the court, and always raised their hands when called for fouls." "Plus, they practiced and played in a dinky gym of cypress logs. Puxico was a human-interest dream." Jim Fisher, Kansas City Star

"Puxico was out front. They were a pioneer of the run-shoot-run offense and pressure defense all over the floor... Arnold Ryan was way ahead of his time."
Bob Vanatta, former coach, Memphis State University
"Puxico was such a fabulous team. They were fabulous."
Norm Stewart, former coach, University of Missouri
"Provocative and controversial"
Bob Costas, Premiere Radio Networks
ESPN Outside The Lines podcast, March 2013: Matt Chaney debates the NFL's controversial rule that supposedly eliminates helmet contact by running backs. Other show panelists are former NFL executive Andrew Brandt and Atlanta Falcons CEO Rich McKay.
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ESPN Outside The Lines podcast, May 2012: Matt Chaney debates football risks and controversial Heads Up "proper contact" with USA Football officials Merrill Hoge and Scott Hallenbeck.
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Sports Doctor Radio, March 2014: Matt Chaney is guest of Dr. Bob Weil for discussion of football risks that include brain trauma, bodily injury, and abuse of performance-enhancing drugs.
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Sports Doctor Radio, December 2012: Matt Chaney is guest of Dr. Bob Weil for this Chicago-based show, discussing Chaney's book Spiral of Denial.
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Chaney Q&A for, The Fifth Down Blog, with sportswriter Toni Monkovic:

‘Spiral of Denial’: Five Questions for Matt Chaney

By TONI MONKOVIC MAY 24, 2009, 11:00 AM
Matt Chaney, author of Spiral of Denial: Muscle Doping in American Football, sees drug-testing as wishful thinking and is calling for a reassessment of the battle against steroids. He answered questions in an e-mail interview last week.
Chaney book excerpt in New York Daily News:
A Look Behind the Curtain

Excerpt: 'Spiral of Denial' reveals culture of steroid abuse in football

By Matt Chaney — Saturday, January 3, 2009, 4:30 PM
Special to the News
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Chaney featured by AP sports columnist Jim Litke in commentary:


By JIM LITKE — Nov. 20, 2013 11:14 AM EST
So far this season, at least six kids have died playing high school football. Writer Matt Chaney makes a persuasive argument the real number is nearly five times that — and would be higher still if not for incredible advances in trauma care. He could be right. The fact is the numbers at every level of amateur football have always been open to question. Remember that if one of the breezy "Football Safety Clinics for Moms" turns up in your neck of the woods.
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Chaney featured by John McMullen of Sports Network in commentary:

Extra Points: 'HGH Testing' is a red herring

07/24/2013 07:49 PM
There is little positive peer review for the isoforms test, however, and it has a terribly short detection window, one which critics say is less than a day, while WADA claims is up to 72 hours. "Well, if you know the guy's going to shoot up this morning, and you arrive at noon, OK," Dr. Don Catlin, a former tester for Olympic and pro sports who operates the non-profit Anti-Doping Research laboratory in Los Angeles, once said when discussing the test. "The GH-isoform has not had a truly independent examination, as the NFLPA rightly contends," Chaney added. "It's a research porker thus far, for its scant pieces of public literature that are basically authored and released by WADA engineers. Catlin, for one, has received nothing close to legitimate validation of the isoform, or documentation he's been promised by WADA officials for years, since the Athens Olympics (2004)."
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